Wilsonart Laminate Flooring

Wilsonart International has been producing Wilsonart laminate flooring for almost 50 years. The company has enjoyed strong growth during that period and is now a world leader in flooring products, countertops, furniture and more. During the last decade, Wilsonart's top grade high-pressure laminate flooring has gained note as a superior laminate flooring that is many times thicker than regular than direct-pressure flooring.

Wilsonart floors use Tap-N-Lock floor connectors. These connections don't use nails or glue and that makes installation quicker and safer. Their floors come as planks and carry 15 year to lifetime warranties.

Looking for other types of quality laminate flooring? For more information about Wilsonart laminate flooring products and prices, click on any of the links to our preferred suppliers in the chart above.

Interested in hardwood laminate flooring? The value and beauty of this kind of flooring is making it increasingly popular.

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