Wholesale Bamboo

Bamboo is becoming a genuinely attractive alternative to hardwood laminate flooring. It has a grain and appearance that is very unique. Hardwood laminate flooring is often very expensive, but bamboo flooring uses what is a very renewable resource - the fast growing bamboo plant. The bamboo plant is structurally stable type of wood material. The plant matures in only three to five years. Most bamboo is imported into the US and Canada from Asia. Bamboo boards are constructed from strips and then glued together.

The downside for some brands is that formaldehyde is given off long after the production process. Many brands of bamboo flooring have an aluminum oxide coating which makes them extremely durable and hard. You can expect long warranty periods from your bamboo flooring.

When buying from wholesale or discount flooring outlets, do a little research on the manufacturer and ask about warranties and installation services. If you're buying online from a wholesale outlet to do the project yourself that's great. Just ensure shipping costs are reasonable.

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