Vinyl Floor Maintenance

Vinyl floors (or Linoleum floors) are an easy type of flooring to clean and maintain, however around doorways, and in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, extra attention may be needed. Dirt and sand can cause wear and tear to the finish on vinyl flooring so frequent vacuuming and washing will help extend its life.

Vinyl floors can be stained by certain liquids so if there are any spills, you should have a cleaner ready to go in case a spill occurs.

Manufacturers may offer cleaning packages that include a cleaner, wax stripper and refinisher. Soapy residue may build up over time as the floor is washed frequently. The stripper will help clear that away. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions as it may be required to comply with the floor warranty.

As in the case of hardwood floors and hardwood laminate floors, chairs, especially rolling chairs can cause damage. Furniture with small wheels can scratch the floor when a small piece of grit or sand gets lodged under a wheel, and grinds against the floor surface as the wheel is pushed over the floor. This is another reason why even occasional vacuuming can help extend the life of your flooring and retain their original beauty.

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