Types of Wood Floors

What type of wood should you choose?

Numerous types of hardwood and softwood tree species offer a wide range of beautiful timber for making floors. From expensive mahogany and cherry wood to the less expensive bamboo and pine, you'll find a good match for your home decor and budget.

Hybrid flooring which has several types of materials, may use a small very thin piece (7 to 10 mm thick) of wood veneer on top of a fiber board or plywood board. The technology is so precise and efficient that 50 to one hundred houses can have complete floors from one tree. This is very good news for our natural environment and ecology.

Some hardwood laminate floors use a thin veneer wood sheet to cover a layer of melamine. They are not as scratch resistant as pure laminate flooring, but will look and feel more real. Pure laminate floors are hard and may not have the warm feel of a wood floor.

Other types of hardwood floors use oak, ash, beech, cherry, cypress, pecan, maple, birch and teak. There are many types of exotic wood flooring available from Africa and South America. Some species of exotic wood are very expensive, such as mahogany. Bamboo flooring is very popular due to the fact it is cheap comes from a more renewable resource than hardwood trees.

Wood floors are a desirable flooring choice because wood feels and looks natural. Many new home architecture and design utilizes wood in railings, moldings, cupboards, cabinets and fireplace mantels. Wood floors complement those other features. Wood floors also help with noise between floor levels and have some insulating value.

Installing wood floors below grade is not advisable due to moisture damage, however laminate flooring is perfect for that type of installation.

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