Tiger Rugs

Tiger rugs are the most popular theme for animal print rugs closely followed by zebra rugs. The African wilderness is a common design element for today's area rugs. They're not real Tiger pelts or skins, they're just printed area rugs. You may not be able to own a genuine Tibetan tiger rug, but you can own any of a variety of Tiger area rugs for your family room or bedroom. The print can be of a skin pattern or will use pictures of tigers in various poses. Our advertisers above have many animal print rugs available. Check the many styles available online.

Some tiger rugs are produced in Tibet out of real wool. Custom tiger area rugs and zebra rugs can also be purchased on the Web, however at a substantial price.

Tiger rugs are normally washable and stain resistant and come in selection of sizes ranging from 4'x6' to 8'x11.' Bring some balance and color to your living room or den hardwood floors with beautiful animal print rugs.

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