Stainmaster Carpets

Stainmaster Carpets is a subsidiary of Invista Corporation who own and market numerous fiber, resin and other textile products. They are one of the biggest textile producers in the world and known for fabrics that are tough to stain. Stainmaster Carpets also feature Tactesse a durable yet soft fiber.

The fact that Stainmaster carpets are known more for their resistance to carpet stains shouldn't stop you from considering their other valuable features. The fact that they resists stains, oils and dirt means it may be easier to clean and vacuum than other carpets. Cleaning is a big component of carpet care, so Stainmaster carpets may have a substantial value in minimizing the presence of dust and chemicals in the air inside your home.

Stainmaster Product Features




Eliminates static charge


Stain resistance


Stays cleaner as dirt can't penetrate as deeply into the carpet


Enhanced resiliency and resistance to matting and crushing

The superior strength and resiliency of Stainmaster carpets comes a special type of nylon which possesses a unique molecular structure. This allows it to stand up to high traffic use while not showing indentations and traffic wear paths. Stainmaster's anti-static carpet feature acts like thousands of mini lightning rods allow static electricity to dissipate away from the person walking on the carpet. This anti-static feature is built into the carpet fiber and construction and is not just a spray anti-static chemical commonly used on most home carpets.

Stainmaster offers their carpets in several quality levels with corresponding warranty periods. They require you to have the appropriate carpet padding for the expected area the carpet will be used. Thicker underpadding can be used in low traffic areas such as bedroom and thinner underpadding in high traffic areas such as living room doorways.

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