Shaw Flooring

Shaw Carpets is a leading flooring manufacturer and now produces carpets, area rugs, ceramic tiles, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and hardwood laminate flooring for both residential and commercial installations. The company began 60 years ago as the Star Dye Company which produced tufted rugs. Today it is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. of Dalton Georgia.

In 1967, it acquired the renowned Philadelphia Carpet and in the past 37 years, Shaw Carpets has continued to expand by acquiring new brands such as Cabin Crafts and Sutton. They also merged with another carpet company called Queen Carpets.

Shaw Flooring is based in the carpet capital of the US, Dalton, Georgia. The company produces more than $4 billion a year worth of flooring products.

Shaw's array of carpeting include more than 20,000 different styles and colors. They also manufacture in excess of 600 million square yards of floor covering products each year.

Shaw Carpets has undertaken many improvements in manufacturing and customer service. They have established their own trucking subsidiary, regional distribution centers, modernized their plants and equipment, and improved on their handling of waste.

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