Saxony Carpets

To most consumers the phrase Saxony Carpets is a type of carpet construction or weave, but it's also the name of a company which has produced high-end wool carpets in wilton weaves for over a half century. For many people, Saxony carpets represents luxury, and its broadloom carpets have been commonly installed in luxury homes, offices, hotels and public institutions.

Saxony currently offers 7 brands of wool carpets:

  • David Hicks - 5 groups carpeting in the original Brussels weave construction custom-colored and woven to order in England. These include: reproduction; Re-creation; Re-interpretation; Mansion quality and townhouse quality.
  • Alberto Pinto Collection - natural fiber carpets, including wool, cotton and jute which create a virtually unlimited range of texture, color and design.
  • Nina Campbell Collection - a unique blend of traditional themes with contemporary motifs such as damasks, geometrics and gothic with strong architectural design.
  • Woolcord Collection - flat woven carpet design using 100% wool pile offered in an array of colors and textures.
  • Safari Collection - animal skin designs on a velvety woven broadloom.
  • Alicante Collection - multipaneled designs
  • Wiltonian - a 12 wide broadloom in seven unique patterns produced in 100% New Zealand wool using a full pitch loop pile wilton.

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