Rubber Flooring

Alternative solutions

As society becomes more eco-friendly and recycled products for the home increase in popularity, rubber flooring (sometimes referred to as flooring rubber), also sees an upswing in popularity among homeowners. Interlocking rubber flooring and rubber mat flooring had their initial callings in the food service industry years ago, as well as in other commercial and industrial businesses, but they have been gaining popularity on the home front for a number of reasons.

Environmental Benefits

One of the major reasons that rubber flooring has become so popular is the environmental benefit. Typically, it is made from recycled rubber; or more specifically, discarded vehicle tires. However, not all rubber flooring is made from recycled materials, so be sure to read the label on the product carefully.

Other Noteworthy Benefits

  • Durability. Rubber flooring is the best choice of material when it comes to high-traffic areas in the home. Bathrooms, front entrances and kitchens are areas best suited for this type of flooring.
  • The human shock absorber. If you're on your feet a lot during the day (e.g., in the kitchen), you'll notice a decrease in back, hip and leg aches when you use rubber flooring or rubber mat flooring. Rubber is a natural shock absorber.
  • Exercise rooms and garages. In the exercise room, you can drop weights on rubber flooring all day long and never damage it. In the garage, rubber flooring holds up well against bicycles, children, tools and vehicles. And in either location, it is great for acoustics and noise reduction.
  • Color availability. If carpeting and hardwood floors do not impress you because of limited color availability, then wait until you see what's out there in rubber flooring colors! The many textures (such as coin-textured rubber flooring) and variety is sure to inspire people of all tastes.
  • Allergy sufferers. Dust mites that inhabit carpeting wreak constant havoc on a person who suffers with allergies. Rubber flooring (along with stone, vinyl and wood) is a viable alternative.
  • Price. Typically starting at around $2 per square foot, rubber flooring may appear a bit pricey until you consider the aspects of longevity and strength.
  • Cleaning and maintenance. Normal sweeping and vacuuming are usually effective for maintaining the looks of your rubber flooring.
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