Pine Flooring

Rustic Pine Flooring

Pine flooring offers the clean, natural appearance of wood with a warm, country like appearance. The lower cost of pine flooring compared to hardwood flooring makes it an excellent choice for those with a limited budget.

Pine Floors are available in red, yellow and white pine wood. Red Pine is heavier, denser, and stronger than white or yellow pine. It has a more dramatic rustic appearance and the reddish grain give it a bolder look. You and your kids can relax and not worry about spills and dropped items.

Tongue and groove edges make installation easy and you can choose widths of 5 to 17." Sometimes, pine flooring is called barn flooring. Veneer pine flooring offers an even cheaper alternative and more choices of grain.

There are a wide range of flooring products available today. Take a look at other wood flooring products and area rugs to complement your room dcor.

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