Pet Hair Vacuums

Quash dander with vacuums for pet hair

Given how difficult it is to remove cat and dog hair from furniture and carpeting, manufacturers have developed pet hair vacuums that treat the problem at its source. The best pet hair vacuums feature brush-like attachments that allow you to sweep loose hair directly off your pet, preventing it from shedding all over the house.

How Pet Hair Vacuums Work

Good vacuums for pet hair are usually sold as attachments for your regular vacuum cleaner. These attachments are specially designed grooming tools that you run over the body of your dog or cat; if your pet is fussy or doesn't like noise, you can leave the actual vacuum in another room and extend the attachment to the place where you're seated.

Pets tend to respond very well to these vacuum-powered grooming attachments; after all, what cat or dog doesn't like to be brushed? These tools have very soft bristles and feel comfortable against your pet's fur. The loose pet hair your vacuum attachment collects goes directly into the cleaner's storage tank, preventing it from disengaging from your pet as it walks through your house.

Other Uses for Pet Hair Vacuums and Attachments

The most versatile attachments are able to do more than act as a vacuum-powered brush. If you purchase a tool with wet/dry capability, you can also use it to mop up excess water from your pet's fur after you bathe it. Experienced pet owners also know that dog and cat "accidents" happen in the house from time to time, and a wet/dry pet hair vacuum can be used to clean up after an errant episode.

Given that most attachments designed for vacuums and pet hair have lengthy extensions, they're also ideal for getting to those hard-to-reach places in the upper corners of your home. You can use them to sweep up loose debris collected on your drapery as well as pockets of dust and cobwebs that settle in the corners of lesser-used rooms in your home.

For the relatively modest investment, pet hair vacuums make a good buy. Not only do they prevent furry messes before they happen, they also extend the life of your furniture and carpets by limiting the amount of pet hair and dander that are able to collect in their fibers.

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