Pergo Flooring

Pergo flooring is produced by the Swedish company Pergo. The tradename Pergo has come to represent laminate flooring to most builders and consumers although the industry is a competitive one with numerous other laminate manufacturers.

Formerly called the Perstop Flooring Company, Pergo is the recognized leader in laminate flooring. Its laminate flooring products are sold through thousands of retailers including Home Depot and Lowe's.

In 1984 Pergo brought its laminate flooring product to the European market. Pergo Laminate flooring was a spinoff of their already successful line of laminate tabletops. In the mid 90's Pergo began selling its flooring product in the U.S. and in the late 90's, it opened its first flooring manufacturing plant in North Carolina.

Pergo Flooring Brands

Pergo Accolade
Pergo Paradigm
Pergo Presto
Pergo Select
Pergo Casual Living
Pergo American Cottage
Pergo Vintage Home
Pergo Accessories

Pergo Today

Pergo AB is now listed on the Stockholm Stock exchange and has its US headquarters in Raleigh North Carolina. Its US manufacturing facility is in Garner, North Carolina.

For more information about Pergo products and pricing, click on any of the links in the above section. If laminate flooring is not to your taste, then shop for vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring or real ceramic tile flooring.

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