Mesquite Wood Flooring

The strongest hardwood of them all

Often used in restaurants, hotels, banks and museums, mesquite is the ideal wood to use in any high-traffic area of your home. As one of the most stable North American hardwoods, mesquite is two and a half times stronger than the very popular oak flooring option. Plus, mesquite has the lowest shrinking rate of all hardwoods.

Great for use over radiant heated concrete floors, mesquite wood can be purchased from specialty hardwood retailers in unfinished planks, end block and parquet - allowing you to personalize the finish to your own taste.

What does it look like?

Distinguishable by its ingrown bark and mineral streaks in the grain, mesquite wood ranges in color from light brown to a dark, reddish brown.

Did you know...

Mesquite is an environmentally sustainable option? Found in abundance in Texas, mesquite trees are often destroyed when clearing land to build on. Many companies rescue these trees and harvest the wood for floors, paneling, barbeque accessories and butcher blocks.

Benefits of all types of hardwood floors

Hardwood floors…

  • Don't hold dirt, dust mites and mold - all of which are commonly found in carpets and other floor coverings, making wood floors ideal for people with allergies.
  • Can be re-sanded and refinished multiple times, making the floor look like new.
  • Give homes a higher, faster resale value.
  • Are more than just a floor covering - they add strength and stability to the flooring system.

Caring for your wood floors

Generally speaking, the maintenance of wood floors is consistent throughout all types of woods. Please refer to our hickory wood floors page for detailed information on how to care for your hardwood floor.

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