Marine Flooring

Indoor and Outdoor Vinyl Flooring

For those of you out there lucky enough to own a boat, you're probably familiar with the issues surrounding marine flooring - you want it to be flat, smooth and thin so that it maximizes your floor-to-ceiling height, which is usually limited in boats. You also want something that's durable, affordable, easy to install and that will prevent slips, spills, mold and mildew. Here are your options.

Marine grade vinyl flooring

Specifically designed for safety for wet, bare feet or for soft-soled shoes, such as deck shoes, marine vinyl is ideal for both the outside and indoor areas of your vessel. Ideal for floors that see a lot of oil, water, mold and mildew, vinyl floors wear well and won't warp with wetness the way woods or laminates will - just make sure you use a good adhesive and sealant after installation to protect your new floor and extend the life of it.

Marine vinyl pros

  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean

Marine vinyl cons

  • Hard to find a quality product
  • Installation is difficult because it has little-to-no give

Other marine flooring options

If vinyl throughout is not your cup of tea, you may also consider marine carpet. Used for docks, decks and patios, your marine carpet should be made with continuous filament polypropylene yarns, which resist mold and mildew and should be applied to your boat's surface with a heavy duty indoor / outdoor carpet adhesive.

The pricey stuff

Burma Teak is the absolute best when it comes to marine flooring. Full of natural oils, teak withstands the harsh effects of sea (salt) water and won't crack, split or warp. It also has a high silica (sand) content, which provides great traction and is slip-resistant when wet. Of course, all of this comes at a cost - a high one - contact local retailers for a quote.

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