Laminate Flooring

The hottest flooring system used today

Laminate flooring is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of flooring purchased today. Often referred to as Pergo flooring - after the company that first manufactured the product - laminate flooring enables homeowners to design and install the floor of their dreams at a considerably lesser cost than traditional hardwood floors.

Pergo laminate flooring, first manufactured by Pergo more than 20 years ago, is now being produced and sold by countless companies and even more brands. As a consumer, you'll have no problem finding the one that will suit your home perfectly.

One of the major benefits of laminate flooring systems is that it's durable - like vinyl (linoleum) flooring - as long as it's properly cared for and maintained. Plus, recent manufacturing techniques have created laminate floors that are easier to install - that's a benefit many over-mortgaged homeowners can appreciate!

If you're looking for the durability of laminate flooring with the beauty of real hardwood, you may want to consider hardwood laminate flooring, which is a laminate flooring product that seals a layer of laminated real wood on top.

However, laminate flooring systems are not limited to wood-looking products. Laminate is also available in stone and ceramic tile flooring looks. The benefits here are that laminate looks like the real thing, but is simpler to install.

What's the catch?

Does all this sound too good to be true? You might be right. Though laminate floors are sturdy and durable, if they're not installed properly there's little hope that they'll last for the life of your home. The trick to this flooring system is that laminate is a "floating" floor. This means that rather than attaching directly to the subfloor, laminate floors have interlocking pieces that attach to each other instead. The catch is that if these interlocking pieces are not properly secured, water from accidental spills (we all know they happen) can easily seep through and cause warping, cracks and even rotting, none of which you want to happen.

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