Laminate Floor Care

Laminate flooring is a modern, low maintenance product, however it does require some care. Cleaning laminate flooring is usually a breeze and generally does not require the expensive cleaning products to get the job done. The surface is smooth and dirt comes off easily and it dries fast too. However, with daily wear from people walking on it and the Sun's drying effect, the top layer will suffer some deterioration.

To help extend the life of your laminate flooring follow these tips:

  • mop up with mixture of vinegar and water or ammonia.
  • clean the floors with citrus based cleaners or follow the manufacturer's recommendation.
  • Never scour the floor using steel wool or wax strippers because they are too abrasive.
  • Laminate flooring must never be waxed, sanded or laquered.
  • Always test a cleaner in an inconspicuous area first - such as underneath your stove or fridge before using it broadly across your whole floor.

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