Kennel Flooring

Worshiping the ground your dog walks on

If you've got a pooch that lives in an outdoor kennel, then you've probably looked into the flooring options available to you. It's likely that you don't want your doggy sleeping on the grass or a cold concrete floor all day, but what else can you do? Throwing down a nice mat, some padded cushions, even pillows may seem like attractive options, but those are the exact type of materials rodents love to build nests in during the colder months.

Fortunately, there is now a solution to your problem: kennel flooring. Today, manufacturers of pet supplies and fences are catering to our four-legged friends by producing specialty flooring systems that meet all the needs of Rover. Here's how.

Specially designed dog kennel flooring systems:

  • Are easy to install - like laminate flooring, they have interlocking pieces that aren't always permanent the way a concrete slab is. Plus, they've got a bit of "give" to them, making them much more comfortable for your furry friend.
  • Are resilient - built to withstand the wear and tear your dog will inflict upon it, these systems are tough as nails - your dog's nails that is.
  • Are easy to clean - by simply hosing them down and applying a little antibacterial solution, these floors prevent Fido from sitting in his own filth and will help keep him sanitary.
  • Are stain and odor resistant - made from a variety of materials, doggy flooring can withstand those occasional accidents.

Why install kennel flooring system?

If you've ever let your doggy run wild in the backyard all day and come home to a lawn full of holes, then you'll understand why many dogs are kenneled when home alone. However, most dog owners don't realize that installing a kennel on the grass or a poured concrete slab can be harmful to your little buddy. Dirt and concrete kennel floors can actually contribute to disease and skeletal problems.

What else to look for

There are some "extras" that are available from manufacturers of kennel flooring. Here are some of those options that you may want to consider:

  • A self-draining system - will make for even easier cleanup of both doggy accidents and regular maintenance.
  • A portable kennel / kennel floor - if you're keeping it on the lawn, you'll likely want to be able to pick it up and move it periodically so as not to cause permanent damage to the grass beneath.
  • A weatherproof floor - because kennels are usually kept outdoors, you won't want your floor to fade in the sun, rot from moisture, or crack, break, bend or warp in extreme temperatures.
  • A raised floor - will keep your dog warmer and drier by not being so close to the ground and allowing for air to circulate beneath.
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