Kahrs Floorings

Sweet Swede floors

Located in Nybro, Sweden, on the same site where it was founded by Johan Kahr in 1857, Kahrs Floorings is Europe's largest wood flooring manufacturer, has sales forces in 11 countries and is active in more than 40 markets worldwide.

Producing both parquet and wood plank flooring, Kahrs products are mainly of the floating variety - the boards attach to each other, not the underfloor - and are manufactured in three-ply boards with one, two and three strip versions available.

Need wood?

No matter what type of wood flooring you're looking for, Kahrs likely carries it. With a product line featuring 18 species, Kahrs has the standards, such as oak, ash, beech and Brazilian cherry, and a wide variety of unique woods, like Maobi, Wenge and Doussie.

Wood flooring selection

In order to help customers make an informed decision on what floor they want in their space, Kahrs has divided their product range into a number of collections. These collections include:

Floor color selection

Courtesy of the Kahrs Flooring website, here are some helpful hints on choosing the perfect shade for your floor:

  • Dark floors "swallow" light, yet create a warm and cozy feeling, especially in large rooms.
  • Light floors reflect light and create a sense of spaciousness, particularly in smaller rooms.

If you need further help in selecting the Kahrs Flooring product that's right for you, they've got a handy flooring guide on their site to help you with your decision.

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