Installing Laminate

Installation of laminate flooring is an easy cost saving option most homeowners will jump at. You can lay down a complete laminate floor in a room in less than a day. Some products may take more or less time depending on the laminate flooring product involved.

Laminate floors are laid on top of your existing subfloor. They don't necessarily have to be glued down or attached. Their interlocking construction gives them stability against movement and they won't expand or contract with changes in humidity as solid hardwood floors will.

An underlayment of cork, foam or similar product will cushion the floor and help minimize sound. Some laminate flooring brands have the underlayment material already attached, and this does simplify the floor installation. Follow the instructions provided by the flooring manufacturers instructions and your flooring job will go smoothly and you won't void your product warranty.

Installing Laminate Floors

It's easy to install laminate floors thanks to improvements in design and the fact that it can be laid down one tile at at time. Do-it-yourselfers can build their laminate floors several ways:

  1. Using Planks that can be glued together. This is laborious and perhaps unhealthy, however it will create an incredibly secure bond. You'll need lots of time for clean up.
  2. Glueless laminate floors are joined securely by the plank's locking mechanisms or joints attached to the underside of the planks. Products not using glues are usually more expensive.
  3. Pre-glued planks only need some water wiped onto them to activate the glue. You just set them in place.

Your budget and available time and energy will determine the type of laminate floors you decide on. Using products requiring glue means you're exposed to a health hazard. If your laminate floors are a less expensive, less well constructed product you may have to do your own gluing.

If your "self-installed" budget allows, you should choose the glueless type. There won't be any clean up required and you'll probably be able to use the floor right after placing the last tile or board. Laminate flooring certainly is a hassle free way to beautify your home, so have a look at the different, styles and colors available. You may well decide that this is the right flooring product for you!

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