Hickory Wood Floors

The wood that adds flavor to meat and beauty to floors

Though commonly used for barbequing and smoking meats and poultry, this attractive hardwood is also great for flooring. Distinguishable by its light coloring that turns to amber over time, its closed, yet flowing grain, and its unparalleled density, hickory hardwood is best used as flooring in high traffic areas. In fact, many restaurants and hotels use hickory wood floors for just this very reason.

However, because of its high-density, caused by the tightly packed fibers in the wood, hickory wood floors are difficult to work with and should therefore only be installed by a professional hardwood floor installer.

Hickory dickory dock - what are your options?

Hickory wood floors are typically available in two grades:

  • Select grade hickory wood floors tend to have fewer knots, with very slight color variations that produce a contemporary look.
  • Country grade hickory wood floors, on the other hand, have more knots and more dramatic color variations, resulting in an antique-looking floor.

Where to lay your hickory floor

As already mentioned, hickory wood is one of the most durable hardwood flooring options available. But where can you put it? A lot of homeowners fear laying new hardwood floors because they may clash with their existing wooden cabinetry. If this is the case, hickory wood is a great option - the lighter shades of have a tendency to match with most wood cabinetry.

Maintaining your hardwood floors

The maintenance regime for most hardwood floors is the same:

  • Sweep and vacuum regularly to get rid of hardwood's worst enemy - dirt! Like granite and marble flooring, hardwood floors can be damaged by dirt being ground in. It causes scratches and wears away the luminous finish over time.
  • Dust your hardwood floors using a wide mop coated in a special dust mop treatment - the kind that's applied the day before.
  • Wipe up any and all spills as soon as they happen. This will help to avoid your hardwood floors being warped or stained by standing liquids.
  • Apply felt contacts under the legs of all furniture to avoid scratches when moved.
  • Close window coverings during the day to prevent the sun's harmful UV rays from discoloring your wood floors.
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