Hardwood Laminate

The increasing cost of hardwood is resulting in a major shift in how consumers look at flooring. Prices of hardwood flooring can reach $30 to $100 per square foot, so covering one large room of 200 square feet with solid hardwood can go $20,000 and beyond. Installation is a big part of flooring costs and it can be painfully high in particular with unfinished hardwood floors. A good solution was needed and engineered hardwood flooring and hardwood laminate flooring is fitting the bill nicely.

Hardwood laminate flooring uses a manufacturing process that sandwiches a composite fiberboard material in between two sheets of melamine. One melamine layer is the upper layer and may contain a thin sheet (7 to 10 mm) of real hardwood. This gives the completed board the appearance of a real hardwood plank or strip.

Completely laminate flooring may use an embossing technique that provides a real texture akin to real wood grain. It may be hard to distinguish between real hardwood and laminate flooring when it is fully installed.

Major brands selling hardwood laminate flooring are: Bruce Flooring and Shaw Engineered Flooring.

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