Hardwood Floor Care

Advice on cleaning hardwood floors

Perform regular maintenance and cleaning of your hardwood floors and they'll be an enduring investment and maintain their value to your home's resale price. Dirt, salt and sand can damage the finish on your floor. The time tested remedy for that problem is to ensure people always remove their shoes when entering the house. Place appropriate sized mats or area rugs near the front and back doorways and try to vacuum that area and the rug frequently.

Sun Damage: The sun will shine and the rays will yellow or fade your floors. Ensure the window shades or blinds are drawn during those times when the sun can shine through. Severe sun damage may not be easily repaired so prevention is the best tip here.

Scratches from Furniture: Scratches from unprotected furniture can create deep cuts or scrapes in the hardwood despite the hard floor finishes. Ensure all chair and table legs have felt pads or other material so the metal legs don't grind into the floor's finish. Consider buying area rugs for your hardwood floors. If you have chairs that have rollers, consider getting a 4' x 5' plastic mat to prevent wear spots in that area.

Cleaning Solvents and Soaps: Do some research on how to clean hardwood floors before you get started. Be sure to avoid using oil-based soaps, as they can create a film residue that interferes with refinishing. Read the manufacturer's instructions as they are very important to your warranty and they know their product. Always use pH neutral wood floor cleaners.

Vacuuming: Don't vacuum with a beater bar attachment and instead use one of the brush attachments to vacuum.

Use a dust mop with a large mop head which will effectively trap more dirt and dust.

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