Glass Flooring

Forget the glass ceiling - aim lower instead

Glass floors may seem like a new-age, high-tech flooring option, but this really is a misconception. In fact, glass floors really are a very natural way to open up a space. Glass floors take away any tight or claustrophobic feelings, while letting in vast amounts of natural light - almost eliminating the need for any excess artificial lighting.

Today, glass floors can be found in a variety of different buildings:

  • Homes
  • Offices and industrial locations
  • Boats
  • Tourist attractions - such as at the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. At 1,122 feet this is an exhilarating experience.

Safety issues

For glass floors used on second, third or higher floors, safety is of the utmost importance. You will need a professional to come into your space to calculate the necessary structural reinforcement and thickness of the glass.

Laminated glass is always recommended when installing a new glass floor - this ensures that a malfunction or failure of one panel or glass doesn't lead to complete failure of the whole system.

Finally, finished glass floors can be slippery, so an etched or printed surface is desirable to improve grip and prevent slipping.

Benefits of glass flooring

Glass floors:

  • Do not burn.
  • Have no odor.
  • Won't retain liquid
  • Don't absorb smoke or other fumes.

Maintaining your new glass floors

For the most part, glass floors are easier to maintain than many flooring materials because they can withstand a lot of abuse. With that said, some glass floor finishes may require special care, so be sure to ask your retailer when purchasing the product.

  • Sweep your glass floors on a regular basis - every few days - to keep it dirt free. Like granite and marble floors, dirt tracked across the floors can cause minor scratches and will wear down the finish over time.
  • For most glass floors, it is safe and effective to mop them at least once a week with a warm water and mild soap solution. Just be sure to dry the floors thoroughly when done, as glass floors become extremely slippery when wet.
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