Floor Heating

Residential Floor Heating

If you don't like stepping onto a cold floor in the morning, you'll be happy to know there are some great floor heating systems available. Radiant floor heating is a wonderful luxury as it keeps rooms and feet warm. Along with being more comfortable, floor heating is more energy efficient, so over the long term you may save substantially on heating bills.

Floor heating can use either electrical wiring or special tubing that runs within the floor (usually concrete) underneath the floor covering to circulate water. Heated water or other type of fluid is circulated through the tubes providing continuous heating for the room. This can be especially useful in a basement floor. There are flooring types available that can be place above a currently existing floor and have the heat tubing running through them. They can also be used for garage flooring. Water circulating floor heating systems must be installed by experienced technicians and installers. If you have cold feeling ceramic tile floors, this option is worth looking into.

For do it yourselfers, electrically powered floor heating just might be the best option. Thin electrical mats can also be placed on your bathroom floor acting like an electric blanket. The fiberglass mesh material is strong, yet flexible, and is normally covered with a light coat of thinset cement. They are reasonably easy to install and fairly inexpensive to operate.

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