Floor Waxing

Easy maintenance

When you have a hardwood floor, there is a lot of maintenance required to keep it looking like new. Unlike other types of flooring, a hardwood floor is considerably more sensitive to its environment and traffic. The finish wears, it gets scratched, and after several years, you'll have to do more to it to make it look good again. The trick to it is to perform a regular maintenance schedule so that you don't have to completely sand it down to the wood, re-stain it and then clear-coat it when the time comes. All you need to do is simply apply some hardwood floor wax and polish it with a floor wax buffer on a regular basis.

The use of a good wood floor wax (such as Bruce hardwood floor wax) on a regular schedule will protect that floor so that you're not refinishing it long before its time. Keep in mind that about every third or fourth waxing, you're probably going to want to do a floor wax removal and strip off those layers of wax that are beginning to build up and turn yellow. Make sure that the floor wax you use is a hardwood floor buffer wax – one that is designed to be polished by a floor buffer.

Here are some helpful dos and don'ts when it comes to floor waxing and maintaining that hardwood floor:

  • When you are drying your floor after using a water-based cleaning solution, make sure that you use a soft, dry cloth. Remember that water and any cleaning solution that is water-based are enemies of that floor if they are left standing on it.
  • When sweeping the floor, make sure that the broom you use has soft bristles.
  • In addition to sweeping the floor, you'll want to vacuum it once in a while, to get rid of dirt and dust that gets caught in between floorboards.
  • Areas that are prone to spills and exposure to moisture should be protected by throw rugs.
  • Make sure that your windows are covered with draperies or some other window covering to minimize your floor being exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Take extra care when moving furniture back where it belongs after a cleaning or waxing, since this is when there is the greatest chance of scratching the floor.
  • Don't use a cheap wax on your hardwood floor.
  • Don't use a wet floor mop to clean your hardwood floors.
  • If your vacuum has beater bars on it, don't use it to vacuum the floor as this will likely scratch it.
  • Don't use brooms and brushes that have hard bristles to clean and sweep the floor.
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