Floor Polish

Product or process, it's up to you

Your floors take a lot of abuse - we walk, drop, spill and fall all over them - and other than the occasional creak or groan, they rarely ever make a peep. But their surface sure does show all this wear and tear. If a once luminous sheen fades to nothing more than a dull glow or a rough glitter, floor polish can help.

The product

As a product, floor polish is nothing more than a thin film on the surface of a floor. Comprised of water, polymers, waxes and plasticizers, it's a fraction of an inch thick that protects the floor from marring, scratching, scuffing and even provides a little bit of slip resistance. That's a lot of work for one product. So how does it do it?

It is the complex process of drying that is integral to floor polish being so strong. Essentially, when drying, all of the water - which is about 80 per cent of the product - evaporates leaving behind that oh, so thin film.

We often think about floor polishes being used just for wood floors, but this just isn't the case. Floor polishes are applied to all types of resilient flooring - tile, stone and wood - to help it maintain a clean look. But wood polishes also do a little bit extra: they bring out that healthy wood glow in a wood floor that gives it depth.

Used mostly in high-traffic areas of homes, retail stores, hospitals and schools, a floor polish can be cleaned and buffed regularly. However, it is necessary to periodically strip the polish completely and reapply the product.

The process

Floor polishing on the other hand is a bit of a different story. Referring to the process of actually polishing a floor, it usually requires the help of a machine to get the job done right. Used primarily on marble and other natural stone floors in commercial applications, you can often rent a floor polisher at your local home improvement or rental equipment center.

Other floor machines

If you've ever tried to "professionally" clean your floors, you know that it's quite an undertaking. Fortunately, there are machines out there that can help you with the job. Available for rental at most home improvement or rental equipment centers, the following appliances are sure to make your life much easier.

  • Floor cleaner machines - Most often used within the cleaning industry and used in industrial applications, floor cleaner machines are available in both riding and push models. These machines have the ability to both clean and dry your floor in one easy motion.
  • Floor scrubbing machines - These push machines use floor pads to deliver and scrub cleaning products on the floor while rinsing and drying in one simple step.

If you're at all nervous or unsure about using this kind of equipment, you should consider hiring a professional to do the job.

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