Floor Paint

Like new

Just about any type of floor can be made to look brand new without incurring any replacement costs in the process. How? Simply by painting the surface. Just about any flooring surface can be painted, and there are many types of floor paint available. You can find basement floor paint, cement floor paint, concrete floor paint, epoxy floor paint and garage floor paint, just to name a few. You can also paint ceramic tile, hardwood and even vinyl flooring if you so desire.

Floor paint and the concept of painting floors is nothing new. Initially, it all started with painting garage floors and patios, but that has moved indoors. The only problem you may have would be with basement floors that have been in contact with damp ground or are below grade.

Painting floors is no different from painting any other large surface area. You would do all the normal prep work on a floor that you would on any other surface before applying any coats of floor paint. You want to make sure that any old wax has been stripped off and that the flooring is displaying a flat, matte finish. Next, you'd use a brush and hand paint around the edges in order to cut paint in along the baseboards.

Once you have the perimeter done, you can start applying the floor paint to the larger areas using either a "pile" roller or a wide wall brush. You'll be able to paint the floor standing up rather than being in an uncomfortable position, and you want to remember to paint your way out of the room. Typically, where painting wood floors are concerned, you will most likely apply two coats of floor paint. Follow that with two, three or maybe even four coats of clear polyurethane to seal it.

Floor paint made using epoxy is normally used on concrete surfaces, such as the garage or patio. However, there are epoxy wall paints as well. The difference between the two is that wall epoxy paint contains what is called "thixotropic additives," and epoxy floor paints do not. A thixotropic additive is a gelling agent. The main reason that you shouldn't use thixotropic epoxy wall paints as floor paint is that it may not level out properly as well as show brush and roller marks.

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