Floor Mats

All you need to know

When you think about floor mats, chances are the very first image that comes to mind is that of vehicle floor mats. If pressed to name other types of floor mats, you might think about office floor mats or garage floor mats. Many people are unaware that there are so many types of floor mats available, and that they have so many uses.

Types of Floor Mats

There are many types of floor mats that can be used in several different areas of the home. Here are some of the most commonly used floor mats:

  • Garage floor mats. These are used to protect the garage floor from oil and other stains and debris. People park their cars directly on top of these floor mats.
  • Kitchen floor mats. Many people place these mats in front of food preparation areas or in front of the sink as a means of making it more comfortable to stand for a longer period of time.
  • Office floor mats. People with home offices often have rolling computer or desk chairs. In order to make it easier for the chair to roll on the carpeted floor, people may opt to place an office floor mat down.
  • Anti-fatigue floor mats. Often, these are typically used near a workbench or woodworking station. People stand on garage floor mats rather than the hard concrete floor, and this helps to ease fatigue and create comfort.
  • Play floor mats. These are just what they sound like – mats on which children can play. Frequently, these are made quite thick so that kids can tumble without getting hurt.

Any of these types of floor mats can be made as custom floor mats. A great number of companies sell custom floor mats. Some of these are simply designed in a customized manner, with the client choosing the color and style of the floor mat. Others are designed as interlocking floor mats that can be customized by the client at home, however the client chooses.

There are many other types of floor mats, and many other instances in which floor mats can be used. Floor mats are very versatile.

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