Empire Carpets

Empire Today is a leading distributor of major name-brand carpets, as well as hardwood, laminate and ceramic flooring. They serve the North American commercially installed carpet market and offer shop-at-home services. Empire caters more to professional carpet installations rather than the do-it-yourself market. They guarantee next-day installations on in-stock carpet if you call before midnight.


Empire carpets offer a collection of soft luxurious plushes, elegant saxonies, high insulation value Berbers, rugged Loops, classy Friezes and durable indoor outdoor carpets. With their fast service and good reputation, Empire may be a good choice for professional installation of your home carpeting.

Empire sells more than carpets. They also offer window treatments, vinyl siding, replacement windows, gutters and bath liners.

Window Products

Empire offers a selection of blinds and window shades including vertical, cellular, minis, faux wood blinds, and brand-name soft fabric shades.

Cellular blinds and shades are characterized by an accordion-style fabric. They help to control air movement and reduce noise. Vertical blinds run perpendicular to the floor and are often used on door windows or patio windows. They can be drawn open or closed similar to ordinary curtains. They offer good suppression of street noise. Mini-blinds are small blinds with horizontal slats most often used with smaller windows. You can also buy your faux wood blinds. These blinds use wooden slats and can be custom built to suit your particular windows and room dcor. Since they're often made from polywood or some other fabricated composite material, they will not warp, chip or fade.

Vinyl Siding and Custom Windows

Empire Today also offers vinyl siding and custom windows for your home, and guarantees installation within two weeks. You must call them however and arrange an appointment with a salesperson who will come to your home with samples. If Empire Today is not convenient for you, consider some of the manufacturers and brands in the links above. They are some of the top names in carpets today.

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