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Door mats typically come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Characteristically, they are designed to be used outdoors, but there are many indoor versions available as well. The variety of door mats is extensive. There are rubber door mats, carpet door mats, front door mats, back door mats, outdoor door mats and probably the most popular door mats of all – personalized door mats or welcome mats.

Welcome Mats

Entrance door mats can be used commercially and residentially and typically come in two types, absorbent and non-absorbent. Regardless of their use, they help cut down on cleaning and maintenance costs by protecting the entryway from dirt, dust, mud and anything else that might collect on the soles of a person's shoes.

Absorbent door mats are designed for areas where there is a high chance of spills or rain. Normally, they are made of some sort of textile with a rubber backing. The rubber backing ensures that the liquid absorbed by the textile will not come into contact with the surface beneath the mat. Additionally, they protect the interior floors from becoming slippery or hazardous.

The opposite holds true with non-absorbent door mats. These are generally located outside in areas where liquids and spills are extremely unlikely. A rough surface is characteristic of the non-absorbent door mat, since they are still designed to keep dirt and other messes from being tracked into the home or office. In addition, they are designed to be slip-resistant when they become wet and also have a rubber backing. As a result, they do not lose their flexibility when exposed to extreme cold.

Cleaning Door Mats

For the most part, outdoor door mats are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Dirt and other debris are usually removed by spraying them with a hose. For this reason, these mats are perfectly suited for entryways outside the home. They are durable, and do not fall apart when constantly exposed to direct sunlight.

Personalized doormats are seen everywhere, both residentially and commercially. They are generally used to produce a good initial impression or indicate personal tastes. Some can have your family name or the name of your business put on them as well.

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