Discount Vinyl Flooring

There are few types of flooring that offer the style, sizing and low price that you can have with vinyl flooring. Discount vinyl flooring is available from manufacturers such as Armstrong flooring, Mannington, and Congoleum. Your discount vinyl flooring can come in varying sizes, from 12" x 12" to 4.5" x 36" planks.

Two types of vinyl flooring are used today: inlaid and printed.

  • Inlaid vinyl flooring has impregnated into the vinyl sheet or tiles. Generally, this creates a more vivid color.
  • Printed vinyl flooring is has an image printed on it, much like a magazine page.

Smaller tile sizes make it possible for you to install vinyl flooring yourself further improving your savings on your choice of discount vinyl flooring. Some vinyl flooring comes with a self sticking adhesive so you don't have work with messy adhesives and glues. If you're planning to install your vinyl flooring yourself, ensure your floor is level and free of nails, and always wear a mask if you're using liquid adhesives. Buy vinyl flooring to suit the location you plan to install it, as cheaper flooring may not stand up to heavy traffic usage.

Discount Vinyl flooring may or may not come with warranties so shop around to find the best flooring deals available.

Looking for something a little more stately and durable? Ceramic and laminate flooring may be just right. Laminate flooring is less expensive than ceramic tile floors and this type of flooring may offer more colors, styles and other key options to suit your home decor.

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