Discount Laminate Flooring

Tips on buying good quality laminate for low prices

You can save a significant amount of money by buying discount laminate flooring. Laminate offers tremendous selection whether as faux laminate hardwood floors, faux ceramic floors or other styles. Laminate flooring can be manufactured to look like almost any other type of flooring.

Buying this great new flooring product at a discount just adds to the overall sense of satisfaction you'll experience once you've installed your new floor. Check your phone book or newspaper for flooring liquidators, who usually offer some excellent flooring bargains.

Check your floors carefully and ask questions

The home flooring industry is composed of many distribution channels leading to different markets. The discount laminate flooring market specializes in discontinued product lines, remnants or slightly flawed products that couldn't be sold in retail stores. It's the same product sold in retail outlets, department stores and home improvement stores, however you need to check it out and ask a few questions to ensure it is suitable for your home.

Some discounters sell factory seconds or discontinued floors, which is fine as long as they tell you so up front!

When buying discount laminate flooring:

  • Watch out for very thin laminate flooring. Thinner products are sometimes poorer quality and have shorter warranties. Cheap flooring may have little or no surface texture.
  • Read the warranty information carefully. Is the manufacturer's warranty still valid? And does the store itself offer a return policy?
  • Look at the backing. Inferior products have thin paper backing which leaves the floor vulnerable to water damage.
  • Check the edges of the laminate sections. Poor quality laminate is brittle and may break off at the edges.
  • Talk to the salespeople and phone customer service people. This helps you discover how well they deal with customers and whether your satisfaction is important to them.

Check out our links to discount laminate flooring dealers, distributors, and warehouse stores above.

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