Discount Tile Flooring

Lookin' for deals, deals, deals

Although tile flooring is one of the least expensive flooring options out there, many people seek even further savings when re-doing floors, especially those with larger surface areas.

A lot of people are looking for discount Italian floor tiles in particular. These tend to be more expensive than those found at your local home improvement store because they are quite often hand-made and / or painted if they have a design. Discount tile flooring retailers do carry these sorts of specialty items, but finding them may be a little more difficult.

What they carry

Discount flooring retailers often sell:

These products are available for the following reasons:

  • Discontinued stock - Tile designs and styles that are no longer being actively produced often find their way to these outlet stores.
  • Overstock - Tile designs and styles that were mass produced in quantities that were too large end up here because they must be sold at discounted prices just to clear them out.
  • Seconds - Tiles with minor or slight defects, such as color that's slightly off, the design isn't quite centered or there are minor chips or cracks can be found at discount stores as well.
  • Out of style - Old designs and styles that never sold or weren't popular appear in abundance at flooring liquidators.

Where to find those deals

Discount tile flooring is available from more online retailers than you can shake a fist at. But you can also check local brick and mortar flooring liquidators, which are found all over the country.

Helpful hint

If you've got a cracked tile that needs replacing, but the style has been discontinued, try looking in discount tile flooring outlets to see if they happen to have what you're looking for.

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