Concrete Floors

Tough and durable

When most people think of concrete floors, they think about that dull, boring cement slab that your vehicle, barbecue grill or outdoor bar might rest on. But concrete floors don't have to be so dull and boring. Painting concrete floors is a great way to put some life into them!

Concrete is typically a dull grayish color, but the right coat of paint can make it have a welcoming appearance, no matter where the floor is located. The greatest benefit with a concrete floor is that it is very durable, and unlike marble or slate, far more cost-effective. And it can be made to look very attractive in the process. Concrete can have designs stamped into it when it is initially poured and drying, and it can also be painted in a variety of colors.

In addition to painting concrete floors, there are a number of other techniques that one can employ in order to dress up any slab in or outside of the house. The fact that concrete is so durable and can last for years is all the more reason to consider the decorative aspects that can be used to make it a rich, attractive floor. So what other ways are there?

Scoring Concrete

By making shallow cuts with a circular saw, you can score concrete with just about any pattern imaginable. Geometric designs and shapes are typically the most popular patterns that people score into their concrete floors, but the technique isn't limited to that type of artwork.

Staining (Acid Staining)

Another interesting technique that is employed for sprucing up concrete floors is acid staining. Stained concrete floors are created by using chemicals to create a reaction that stains the concrete. Basically, there are three components that create the chemical reaction – acid, inorganic salts and water. Concrete already contains certain minerals and once they are mixed with the three components above, it causes the concrete to change colors. It always works beautifully whether your concrete is old or new.

Stamping Concrete

When concrete is freshly poured and begins to set up, the time is right to stamp it. You can create patterns in the concrete that make it look like block, slate, stone, tile or even wood. The use of either flexible and / or rigid forms will imprint the outline of the pattern that you want into the concrete while it is setting up. There are numerous patterns available, or you can create your own.

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