Computer Floors

There's more to computer flooring than meets the eye

Whether you're planning a home office or looking into a new computer floor at your office, deciding what you need is a huge undertaking. You'll want the floor to be smooth, flat and level to optimize your ergonomically-correct chair's rolling capability, as well as something that's both sustainable and scalable. Where do you go from here?

Raised flooring is best for computers

First of all, raised floors are practical. They:

  • Allow for cold air distribution below your computer systems and servers.
  • Provide wire and cable storage and support systems.
  • House electrical outlets for power.
  • Provide access to all these necessities in your computer room.

Computer floor options

Once you've made the logical decision to choose a raised flooring system for your computer room, you will want to look into the options available to you. Essentially, a raised computer floor comes in two varieties:

  • The single-layer raised floor combines three main functions: routing space for both low-voltage signaling cables and high-voltage power cables between computers, as well as the plenum, or space for air circulation, to supply cool air that prevents computers from overheating.
  • The three-layer raised floor however separates these three functions into layers. The top layer houses the low-voltage cables, the middle layer is reserved for high-voltage cables, and the bottom layer is the sealed space for air circulation with chimney-like tubes that supply the cool air to wherever it is required.

Maintaining your computer floors

The plenum is the lifeblood of your computer room's floor because it delivers the cool, filtered air to the systems that need it above. However, the natural pull of gravity causes this area to be the dirtiest - or most prone to dirt. If you allow dust and debris to accumulate, it will eventually be circulated into your computer systems through the flow of air the plenum distributes. These contaminants can increase the risk of fire, can cause clogged circuitry and can seriously impact your health.

For tips on how to clean and maintain your raised computer floors, please refer to our raised floors page for more information.

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