Cleaning Equipment

Everything you need for your floor

The type of floors in your home will determine the type of cleaning equipment used on those floors. Floor cleaning equipment can be divided into several categories, but the primary ones are:

  • Carpet cleaning equipment
  • Rug cleaning equipment
  • Wood and hardwood floor cleaning equipment

Additionally, there is ceramic, laminate and vinyl floors to contend with as well, though most of the time, standard cleaning equipment and supplies are used on these.

When it comes to carpet cleaning and rug cleaning tasks, generally two types of cleaning equipment are generally used: dry chemical and steam cleaning. Most commercial floor cleaning services use one of these two methods, and a lot of that depends on the size and type of stain. Of course, the vacuum is also a powerful piece of cleaning equipment; it's indispensable for regular carpet cleaning and maintenance.

What you need to remember is that no matter how bad it looks, it's just a stain, and there is a piece of cleaning equipment out there that will remove it effectively. Carpet cleaning equipment can be as simple as a paper towel, or as complex as floor scrubbers or other commercial cleaning equipment.

When you have to clean wood or hardwood flooring, the task can be just as challenging. Since it's a different material, you'll need different cleaning equipment. Cleaning can be as easy as a quick once-over with a dust mop, or as complicated as using a specialized piece of wet-screen cleaning equipment.

Floor cleaning equipment is generally broken down into two classifications: electrically powered or manually operated. The majority of commercial cleaning equipment is electrically powered, especially when it comes to carpets, rugs and hardwood floors. Manual cleaning equipment usually refers to hand-operated items such as push brooms, dust mops and wet floor mops.

One problem with consumer cleaning equipment is that it often can't do the job as well as commercial equipment. In some instances, you're just better off paying a professional service to handle the really tough household cleaning jobs.

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