Ceramic Floor Care

Ceramic floors are one of the easiest floors to care for however, normal everyday wear and tear along with the occasional stain means you will need to clean them once in a while. A more serious type of maintenance involves cleaning and replacing worn grout in between tiles.

Coffee, tea, juice, jam, salad dressing, cooking fats and grease, mineral deposits and paint can all find their way to your beautiful ceramic floors. In the bathroom, mold and mildew may build in certain areas of your floor.

Tile and Grout Cleaners

Commercially available tile and grout cleaners our a powerful cleaning solution for your floors. They normally contain caustic chemicals therefore you should use rubber or latex gloves when applying them to the ceramic tiles. For really stubborn stains, you may have to use the most heavy duty solutions, so make sure there is sufficient ventilation. Pour the solution on the affected tiles and scrub with a toothbrush or other sturdy brush with plastic bristles. Be careful with very stiff bristled brushes as they may scratch the finish.

For most cleaning jobs, such as removing mildew stains from grout, dip an old toothbrush into chlorine bleach and scrub the grout. The toothbrush may spatter bleach in all directions so wear old rough clothing and shoes that you won't mind having bleach stains on. After you're done, wash the tiles with some water and baking soda. Let the tile floor dry for a couple of days and then apply a sealer to prevent or at least slow the return of mildew.

Replacing Grout

Grout is porous and will attract dirt and mildew and may even crumble on certain places such as shower stall floors. There are a couple of tools you can use to break and loosen the grout. The first is to use a carbide tipped grout saw that grinds through the grout. You have to use firm but careful pressure on the blade and be careful not to slip and scratch the tile. If you use a chisel or screwdriver, be careful to chip away from the grout, not into the grout because you could chip or even break the tile.

After you've scraped and vacuumed the old grout away, mix up a small amount of grout mix in your grout bag and apply the nozzle at an angle while squeezing the grout out. After it has dried to a haze, wipe it in a circular motion with a damp sponge. After it has fully dried, apply a layer of grout sealer and you're done!

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