Central Vacuums

Experience the reliability of central vacuum systems

Central vacuums deliver powerful cleaning capabilities without the need to lug a heavy vacuum cleaner from room to room as you clean. They work by sending vacuumed dust, debris and dirt up through tubing placed in your walls before depositing it in a central holding tank which is usually set up in an out-of-the-way corner of your garage or basement. You access each room in your home through inlets that are strategically placed to ensure you have access to every square inch of floor space and carpet.

The Benefits of Central Vacuum Systems

Central vacuums are now more affordable than ever before, and the difference in price between a quality portable system and a central system is becoming increasingly narrow. Beyond raising the value of your home, central vacuum systems offer a wide range of additional benefits, including:

  • Better indoor air quality. Because central vacuum systems use your walls to suck dust and dirt off your interior surfaces, they prevent the recirculation of air containing particles that escape the vacuum mechanism of a portable unit. Tests consistently show that homes with central vacuums have superior indoor air quality.
  • Noise reduction. Since the central power unit is located in another area of your home, these systems make a lot less noise when they're being operated.
  • Power and convenience. Central systems have considerably more suction power than the vast majority of portable vacuums. You'll also never have to worry about tripping over a wayward vacuum cord again, since attachments are secured directly into the inlets in your walls.
  • Cost savings. Because of the added cleaning power they offer, central vacuums extend the life of your drapery and carpets, which translates into savings for you.

Popular Manufacturers of Central Vacuum Units

You'll encounter a wide range of manufacturers when you start shopping for your central vacuum system. Some of the brand names you're likely to come across include:

  • Electrolux central vacuums. Manufacturers of the very popular Beam central vacuums, Electrolux offers systems that are uniquely capable of eliminating allergens from the air in your home or place of business.
  • Eureka central vacuums. Offering cleaning solutions for homes of all sizes, Eureka makes a flexible range of affordable products as well as powerful handheld car vacuum units.
  • NuTone central vacuums. With an extensive catalogue of power units, attachments, accessories, hoses, kits and inlets, NuTone is a leading American manufacturer of central vacuums.

Many manufacturers make units designed for home use as well as industrial central vacuums; if you're a business owner as well as a homeowner, you might also consider adding the convenience and power of central vacuuming to your workplace as well.

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