Carpet Tiles

If you have an usually shaped room or a high trafficked area of your floors you would like to install carpeting in, carpet tiles may be the best solution. Carpet tiles are a type of modular design where if one tile is ruined or damaged, you simply replace the tile or tiles affected. Since carpet tiles are designed to hide their edges, you can replace them and not be able to see the tile. Compare that with sheet carpeting which would require the affected area to be cut out by a professional carpet installer or technician. If you did this on your own, you might make a mess or even injure yourself.

Carpet tiles come with adhesive or double-sided tape which keeps them adhered to the floor. Good quality carpet tiles can be purchased for about $1 per square foot. That makes carpet tiles a versatile and economic form of carpets.

Carpet tiles are usually sold as 18" squares. Most brands build in the underpadding and nylon carpets and polyester carpets are woven in a way that resists unraveling. Carpet tiles are as tough and resilient as rolled or sheet carpets.

Indoor/outdoor areas such as decks, patios, porches, and garages can also be suitable locations for carpet tiles. But they're also a great alternative to wall to wall broadloom in home offices, recreation rooms and even kids' bedrooms. Carpet tiles make a great do-it-yourself project, requiring only a good knife and straight edge to do the job.

Your new carpet tiles will come with an arrow on the back to indicate the direction you should lay it. This allows the carpet tiles to be aligned with each other properly and create a seamless appearance just like wall to wall, sheet broadloom.

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