Carpet Cleaning

By conducting proper maintenance of your carpets, you can ensure they last a long time and keep looking good. We've got some routine maintenance and cleaning tips that just might see your carpet lasting 20 years or more! Home carpets have their limitations just as any floor covering does.

Modern carpets are designed to repel dirt and soil. Improvements in chemical treatments and weaving techniques help your carpets assist in home maintenance rather than being a catch all for dirt and dust. Carpets however can still retain and hide the dirt, oils, dried juices and soda pop, bacteria and other air born pollutants that unfortunately make their way into your carpets.

Regular carpet cleaning will:

  • make your carpets last long and keep their new appearance.
  • decrease odors and keep it smelling fresh
  • decrease dust and particles that may play havoc with people's breathing.

No carpet care or carpet cleaning help page would be complete with out a discussion of Vacuum cleaners.

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