Carpet Repair


How often you have your carpet repaired is entirely your call as a homeowner. To repair carpet, there are two ways you can go about it. You can try your hand at do-it-yourself carpet repair using a carpet repair kit, or you can call a professional service to come in and do your repair work. There are numerous reasons for carpet repair, but the following are the most common:

  • Burns. This is probably the most common reason for professional carpet repair in the home. Most of the time, burns occur as a result of smoking in a carpeted area. However, on occasion burn marks are the result of something else, such as steam iron falling on the carpet.
  • Heavy foot traffic. This is the next most common reason behind the need for carpet repair in the home. Put simply, heavy foot traffic flattens carpeting, and that usually means you'll need a professional carpet repair service to come into your home and correct this problem.
  • Furniture marks. Heavy pieces of furniture leave deep indentations in carpeting, but most of the time, a little club soda and a steam iron will draw the indentation out, leaving nothing for you to do except fluff it up slightly. If this doesn't work, then a professional carpet repair service will likely be your only option.
  • Fuzzing. This typically occurs around the edges of the carpeting when loose fibers become visible. Normally this is just a quick fix with a pair of scissors or a utility knife.
  • Shredding. Although this is a very common problem, it's an unsightly one to deal with. Shredding results from normal use. Normally, a thorough vacuuming and a pair of scissors is all that is necessary to correct this problem.
  • Sprouting. This refers to tufts on the carpet that are typically much longer than other ones. Never try to remove these by pulling on them. Just cut them off with a pair of scissors and things will look normal again (until the next ones show up).
  • Coming up off the floor. Occasionally, carpets can begin to detach themselves from the floor. This is an easy problem to solve. Simply purchase some carpet glue (available at your local hardware store) and glue the carpet back to the floor.
  • Carpet beetles. A strong vacuum is usually all you need to rid yourself of the problem. But if the infestation is severe, you'll have no choice but to hire a professional carpet cleaning service to address the problem.
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