Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Named for its color, not the fruit it bears

Also known as Jatoba in its native South America and the trade name Courbaril, this certified exotic wood is the most popular hardwood flooring imported from Brazil. Hailing from the Brazilian Guapinol tree, Brazilian cherry flooring is available quite readily in both solid pre-finished and unfinished plank and parquet options.

With a well-deserved popularity based on its renowned hardness and durability, Brazilian cherry floors feature an open grain that's similar to oak and has dark brown or black streaks on a background that ranges from dark orange to a reddish brown. Over time, the color of Brazilian cherry floors will change, becoming the deep, luxurious cherry color it's named for.

Did you know...

Brazilian cherry is approximately three times harder than American cherry? And it's way more expensive, too! Brazilian cherry is also more than twice as hard as the ever-popular oak wood flooring.

Not so green

Unfortunately, due to its beauty and high value, the Guapinol tree has been exploited in Brazil and is now extremely rare and in danger of becoming extinct. The rarity of this tree that produces glorious Brazilian cherry floors makes it an even hotter commodity than ever, but makes it a very environmentally unfriendly option. In this day and age, you might not be so popular around your neighborhood if you install a Brazilian cherry hardwood floor instead of a bamboo floor.

Maintaining your Brazilian cherry hardwood floor

For the most part, all hardwood floors are maintained and cared for in the same or similar manner. Please visit our hickory wood floors page for complete details on maintaining the beauty of your Brazilian cherry hardwood floors - or any other hardwood floor you may have in your home.

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