Braided Rugs

Colorful braided rugs have graced American homes since the 18th Century. Braided rugs were originally created by American colonists who traded scraps of wool which they braided into long strips and then weaved together to produce braided rugs.

Braided rugs are still in demand. They're decorative, durable and lasting. They're made in many sizes, shapes, colors, designs and price ranges, from $40 to several hundred dollars.

The less expensive rugs are available in acrylic, nylon and olefin fibers, or in varying grades of wool and polyester blends. The way to find out how durable the braided rugs are that you're considering buying, check for the percentage of wool fibre that is used. The more the better.

Common Sizes of Braided Rugs

5'x7' Oval
6' x 9' Oval
8' x 10' Oval
9' x 12' Oval
11' x 14' Oval
2' x 5' Runners
2' x 9' Runners
5' Round
7' Oval
9' Oval

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