Bathroom Floors

Sturdy and stylish

Often, when someone considers remodeling their bathroom, they may think about replacing the plumbing fixtures or something else first, but realistically, the bathroom floor is the first thing that should be done. Replacing bathroom tile floors can present a dilemma as far as what type of material to use for the replacement. Naturally you want it to have a nice appearance, but you also want it to be sturdy enough to withstand the punishment that bathroom floors have to endure.

Hardwood Flooring

Some people actually consider hardwood flooring for their bathroom floor, but this requires a lot of preventative measures. It needs to be sealed and protected more than the hardwood flooring in a hallway or living room. Moisture is bad for wood, so though a hardwood floor looks beautiful, it just doesn't make a lot of sense to put hardwood flooring in the bathroom.

Shower Tile

Ceramic tile and vinyl flooring are the more common types of flooring used in bathrooms. They're less expensive, easier to install and far less subject to damage from moisture. With bathroom shower floors, tiles are the best way to go. For the regular floor though, either ceramic tiles or vinyl flooring is a good choice. There is no specific kind of bathroom tile, so you can select whatever look or texture of tile that you prefer.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum flooring is the least expensive option and the easiest to install, but it doesn't have the appeal of real ceramic tile. Linoleum comes either in rolls or in one-square-foot tiles with an adhesive back. Ceramic tiles usually come in one-square-foot tiles as well, but they require a little more work to install them. They are also more expensive than linoleum and require the use of special cutting tools.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring, which has the appearance of hardwood flooring, can be installed in the bathroom because they are moisture- and water-resistant. If you want your bathroom floor to look like a hardwood floor, laminates are the way to go. They are definitely more durable than hardwood flooring and are easier to install. They are not as costly as hardwood flooring, but they do cost considerably more than either ceramic tile or linoleum flooring. You can find some brands of laminate flooring that run less than a dollar per square foot.

If by some chance you're a bit overwhelmed regarding the type of bathroom floor you want to install, then here are a few suggestions to help you make that decision. The first thing you need to do is figure out the number of square feet on that floor. Next, you'll want to figure out what your budget is like for that flooring. That in itself will help determine the type of flooring that you'll be installing.

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