Bamboo Flooring!

Yes, modern Bamboo flooring is an attractive, unique and extremely strong, durable flooring option. It's also an ecologically renewable building material. The bamboo plant matures quickly, thus a crop of trees takes half to a quarter of the time other trees take to grow to maturity. This is why Bamboo floors will become more common in the years ahead. Right now however, they're the "in thing" in hardwood floors.

Flooring makers use one of the hardiest species of Chinese bamboo. They cut it into strips before drying and then laminate it under great pressure. The result is a flooring product that has more strength than many other common hardwoods such as oak, pecan and maple.

Just like tongue-and-groove hardwood floors, Bamboo flooring is either glued together or nailed down to the joists. It typically comes in 3-foot or 6-foot lengths and with or without the distinctive bamboo 'nodes' visible in the grain.

Pre-finished bamboo flooring may be coated with aluminum oxide urethane or regular urethane to give it resistance to abrasion. However you can purchase unfinished bamboo strips which can be sanded and finished after installation. This allows you to make the decision on the color or style of floor finishes.

Bamboo flooring may be offered in two varieties of color. A dark amber color and a natural blonde shade are the result of the wood being smoked (or carbonized) while the bamboo dried. China produces most of the bamboo flooring used today. The price of this product is similar to premium hardwood flooring.

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