Armstrong Flooring

Now over 140 years old, Armstrong flooring company was originally begun as a carpet mill in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It current line of products include sells ceramic tile flooring, laminate floors, linoleum and vinyl flooring. Today, Armstrong Holdings subsidiary Armstrong World Industries designs and manufactures floors, ceilings and cabinets. Its revenues were 3.6 billion dollars in 2003, making it one of the world's top flooring manufacturers. Armstrong Floors produces residential and commercial flooring products and sells it via its brand named flooring brands.

The company markets products via these brand names: Bruce hardwood floors, Robbins and Hartco hardwood floors. Armstrong offers up to 15 unique styles of hardwood floors and offers some good warranties.

Laminate Flooring

Armstrong has captured a large share of the laminate flooring market. The company's net sales totaled more than $3 billion last year. Armstrong laminate flooring comes in dozens of patterns of wood, stone and other textures and is available in strips, planks and squares. Its warranties range from 15 years to lifetime warranties for its premium products.

Armstrong also produces the ArmaLock and SwiftLock brand names which are glueless laminate flooring. They are popular with homeowners and flooring installers who prefer easy installation and cleanup that is offered by glueless laminate floors. The company also markets linoleum, specialty carpets and sports flooring.

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