With the wide range of styles, sizes, shapes, materials and manufacturing processes used for area rugs today, your rug shopping should be a fun time with exploration and surprise. Shopping online for area rugs owes its popularity to the fact that you can browse and shop for hours, and often save a good deal of money. Some area rug manufacturers will even let you design your own!

Area rugs come in a range of prices. For a couple of hundred dollars, you might find a new focus for your rooms. Or you can spend thousands of dollars on high quality handcrafted oriental rugs that will be an attractive addition to your home. Some people often think of rugs as investments, however if you want yours to remain in mint condition you should consider hanging it on a wall or keeping it in a little used room.

Area rugs in the lower price range are usually machine-made using synthetic fibers. Olefin or polypropylene are the primary fibers used. Despite the low price these are rugged fibers that can be used for a number of designs. Nylon area rugs are stronger and are longer lasting.

The highest quality area rugs are hand-made from natural fibers like silk and wool. They are more suited to a formal room - or perhaps hanging on a wall as many do. They really aren't suited to high traffic areas or kids play rooms.

Area rug discount outlets and wholesalers may have great bargains available. Many area rug discount outlets and warehouses provide free shipping. The links in the section above lead to a number of top area retailers and distributors. Have fun shopping for a rug that really suits your style!

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