Rug Care

The portability of area rugs means you may have more options for cleaning it. However, some methods of cleaning rugs such as dry cleaning may actually be hazardous to your rugs. Always read the manufacturer's cleaning guide and instructions.

A minor spill can usually be cleaned with a clean cloth and some clear dish washing detergent. There are numerous rug cleaning solutions available at your local department or hardware store. Using any bleach to clean your carpets is very risky given the type of fiber that is normally used in them. You could spoil the design on animal print carpets design or at least fade it. There are many safer products than bleach that you could use.

If your rug is heavily trafficked or near a window, rotating it will ensure spread the wear and sun damage more evenly over the carpet.

Wool carpets generally hold a lot of dirt so you'll want to take them outside and gently beat the dirt out of them. Avoid using sharp sticks and ensure the full length of the stick hits the carpet. The end of the stick could tear or rip the carpet fabric so only hit the carpet gently.

Looking to replace your carpets with hardwood floors? Consider hardwood laminate floors. They are less expensive than real hardwood floors. And can look almost identical to real hardwood and they are highly scratch resistant. Some types of hardwood floors provide good floor sound suppression and temperature insulation. They are easy to clean and a great choice for those with breathing sensitivities.

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