Antique Flooring

Another type of wood flooring that is popular with those with country style homes, is antique wood flooring. Sometimes called barn wood, antique wood floors offers an old-fashioned or rustic look to restaurants, bed and breakfast inns, country clubs and some upscale retail stores.

Although there are artificial or fabricated antique wood floor products, it is real old wood planks that provide an authentic antique look and sound. Wood types used range from chestnut to pine to hardwoods such as oak. Antique oak flooring has a fine grain that is sometimes called tigering. Antique wood floors come with plenty of knots, rift grains and even nail holes to give them a truly rustic look. Many people consider pine flooring to be antique looking.

Antique wood flooring may work perfectly at your cottage too, especially as you consider selling your main home and retiring to your cottage community.

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