Anderson Wood Floors

Making staying in as enjoyable as going out

A family business that's been around since 1946, Anderson Wood Floors has extended their motto, "Making staying in as enjoyable as going out," around the globe and now have products available internationally. Whether you're looking for one of the wood floor standards, such as oak, pine or pecan, or if you're interested in something a little more exotic and eco-friendly, such as bamboo, Anderson manufactures it.

Customer service is alive and well

At Anderson Wood Floors, customer service still ranks high on their list of priorities - in fact, companies must be qualified and authorized to sell and install their wood floor systems. Anderson-authorized dealers will send a qualified representative to the potential customer's location to measure and evaluate the job, which will happen before a quote is even provided. The benefit of having this customer service rep coming directly into your space is that they will ensure you are getting either the material, or Anderson product, that's best suited to the job.

What else do they offer?

The Anderson Wood Floor company also sells the following flooring brands:

Anderson also features an interactive design centre tool on their website.

Caveat emptor - buyer beware

Anderson Wood flooring products can be purchased online, but use caution when considering purchasing via this method. There are retailers out there selling counterfeit Anderson products. Therefore, Anderson will not honor any warranty claim for any product purchased from an unauthorized dealer and will also not accept any returns.

Caring for your Anderson Wood Floor

Though most wood floors share the same maintenance needs, we recommend Anderson's online floor care and maintenance checklist to ensure you're giving your Anderson floor the care it needs.

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